The beginning

Welcome to Of Seasons, a site dedicated to hockey and travel.

From the About page:

Me, the editor

Four years after I was born I started to skate. And unlike the Canadian legend goes, I hated playing hockey at first. But after a month of having my single mother forcing me to practice, a ‘hockey player’ became my single identity. My hips and knees (and too many concussions) stopped my competitive career but I remain entrenched in hockey.

Through hockey I have been able to earn my bachelor of science degree and master of arts degree with the long term goal of becoming a philosophiae doctor. 

This site is my creative outlet that combines my two passions: hockey and travel. My mission is to share stories about hockey from myself and people around the world while posting some photos along the way. Please enjoy.

Understanding the Categories 

The help navigate this site, categories have been set up. Let’s take a look at what they mean.

From the Desk

All hockey talk. A gathering of miscellaneous posts that I couldn’t categorize in the other ones.

Tell me a story

Dedicated to one of my teammates who passed away at the tender age of 31 in his sleep. Whether in the locker room, on the bus, on a flight, even during a timeout in a game, and sometimes calling me at home well past midnight – he loved to say, “Tell me a story.” So this category is a collection of hockey stories gathered from around the world. Fact or fiction? You be the referee.

The Ice Gallery

Hockey players are artists and the place to exhibit their finely tuned craft is the arena. The Ice Gallery is a collection of arena’s from around the world.

Road Trips

Not necessarily directly related to hockey. A collection of photos and stories from various places outside the rink.